Friday, September 18, 2015

Quilt Shows, new fabrics, Hippos and Shop Fun!

This week my parents are away at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXII in Oaks, PA.  If you are around, please stop by to see us!!

Since they are not around, it is up to my Aunt Anne, Carter and I to run the shop....which is always interesting. The last few days Carter has decided to focus most of his attention on the fly that is in the shop.  It is quite entertaining to watch him run around the store with his bug cup trying to catch the fly so he can set it free outside.

Carter's favorite toy of the week has been his hippo- which dances and sings songs.  Yes it is fun to watch Carter dance all around the store, but after awhile my aunt was able to convince Carter that the hippo needs a nap.  Here he is sleeping in his bed- since yesterday!!  Don't worry Carter keeps checking on him to make sure he is ok. SHHHH.. you don't want to wake a sleeping Hippo!

What else would this quilt shop try to make as a fun activity for a 2 year old than rolling cuties?!  With all of our Cutie Patterns and the new Fabrics that have arrived, Cutie Rolling is a common activity both here and at home.  I think Carter believes it is a version of arts and crafts.  Can you tell which Cutie below was rolled by Carter????

We are pretty excited about all of the fun fabrics that have been arriving.  I have a very special project I am working on using the Free Spirit Fabric Atrium by Joel Dewberry.  The fabrics are beautiful and I think you are really going to like what we came up with! Keep checking back to see the finished project.

I have also been working on of course a new Cutie Pattern!!  This quilt is 75 percent done- hopefully I will have it together next week.  But, I was inspired by the fabulous new Free Spirit Eden Collection by Tula Pink

Last week one of our favorite moments was opening up a UPS box and finding the brand new The Force Awakens Star Wars Fabrics!!  We are huge Star Wars fans, looking forward to the next movie and planning fun projects with this fabric collection.

This week's QBF sale is a 20 percent discount off all Halloween Fabrics.  Enter code HALLOWEEN to obtain the discount.  Offer valid 9/18 through 9/22/15

As a reminder, I will have our Cutie Club Class tomorrow morning, Saturday 9/19 at 10AM.
The Class fee is $5 and it includes a 1 hour demo and free Cutie Pattern of the project discussed.  Come in to see us! All other information about our classes are available on our website in our Newsletter

For any of you who may be wondering, apparently while I was writing this blog, Hippo woke up from his 24 hour nap and is dancing with Carter next to my chair.  Dance on!!

Have a fabulous week!!


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