Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly fun and QBF!

Welcome back!

This week was just as chaotic around here as every other week.  My parents, Cathy and Allan, are at the Pinwheels and Friends Quilt Show in Mount Kisco today and tomorrow.  That means we spent the whole week organizing what they will bring and getting them packed up, always a fun time around here!

I have also been busy getting ready for our annual Super Bowl Fat Quarter sale this Saturday and Sunday.  All pre-cut fat quarters in the store will be $1.50 on 1/31 and 2/1.  Thank you to my Aunt Anne for taking Carter for a ride to visit grandma and grandpa at the quilt show! This meant I could actually get a few things done around the shop before the sale starts tomorrow, although I decided it would be fun to write my blog before I got involved in too many things.  

Last Friday we started our new “Quilt Blast Friday” or QBF.  Every Friday we will choose a special item that will be discounted that Friday through Monday.  There will be a coupon code located on the homepage of our website as well as in our "Store Events" page to be used for your online order.  This week this special deal is a 10% discount on the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid Fabric Collection (ONLINE ONLY).  Enter the code WIMPYKID10 in your cart to obtain the discount.  Be sure to check back every Friday to see what the exciting discount for the weekend may be! 

With everything else going on this week, I didn’t have a lot of time to play with my Ready Set Go Collection by Robert Kaufman.  I did start and my mind is still planning exactly what I’m going to do with it.  Hopefully I will be able to share the final product with you in another couple of weeks.   It is a good thing Carter isn’t old enough to know it’s for him or he may be upset that I’m making him wait!

I did get a chance to finish my bunny for the Violet Craft Forest Abstractions quilt.  I just love how all of these animals are coming out!  I just have to finish the coyote and then I can put it all together.  I cannot wait to see how my students’ falcons came out when they return for the second class on 2/7!

Last week I had mentioned spending my Friday afternoons absorbing my vitamin D while thinking about my blog.  I was thankfully informed by a reader that the window must be open in order to be able to collect and process the vitamin.  I will be sure to open the window if the sun ever comes out and the snow stops falling.  Maybe in the spring I can sit outside on Friday afternoons to write my blog!

I hope everyone has another fabulous week!!  If you are in the area please stop by to enjoy the pre-cut fat quarter sale and if you are not local I hope you enjoy our QBF specials!

Thank you

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ready Set Go!!

Welcome back and I hope you all had a fabulous week!! I had another fun work week here with my mom my aunt and my son.  There really is never a dull moment around here but we like to choose to laugh at all of the strange things that seem to happen! I have even caught some of our customers laughing at us for the silly things that occur.  For example every Friday afternoon after lunch I put Carter down for a nap and then sit at my desk to write this very blog. Just as my fingers are typing and my mind starts racing, the sun comes through the window and I have to wait 5 minutes and “soak up my vitamin D” until the sun passes and I can see my computer screen again! I like to use this time to reminisce about the fun we had that day, which I believe my Aunt Anne finds annoying as she is sitting next to me and maybe actually getting some real work done as Carter isn't awake to distract her.

 This week we spent a lot of time rolling cuties and they seem to be everywhere!!  Focusing on getting ready for the Pinwheels and Friends Quilt Show in Mount Kisco and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. We hope to see you there!!  Oh and if you think the following photo looks a little green, you don't have to adjust your screen, Carter managed to choose the green filter on my phone.

We are also hoping that the weather holds out for us tomorrow so we can participate in local quilt shop day.  We will have a gift for anyone who comes to see us!

A few weeks ago I had mentioned we received the new RobertKaufman Ready Set Go 2 and Remix Collections.  Carter loves cars trucks, tractors and anything that moves and has big tires, so we got this line in as inspiration from a 19 month old.  Deciding what to do with it was the question…. It may not look like much yet but yes I have an idea and hope to be able to get it together to share with you next week.

 Last Saturday we had our first Cutie Class of 2015!! It was tremendous fun with more that just the newest cutie pattern introduced.  We have had quite a few in production over the last few weeks and my mom, Cathy, was able to show off a few of them.  Everyone who attended seemed to enjoy the class and is looking forward to the next class on 2/7.

I had my very first class ever last weekend and it seemed to go very well.  My students came to work on the Forest Abstractions Block of the Month by Violet Craft and had a side of entertainment! My brother Corey brought my niece Sophie in as a surprise.  I think she enjoyed getting so much attention for a little while now that she has a baby brother at home.

Finally one of our customers came in last week to show off her first Cutie Pattern Quilt.  I had originally made the ZigZag Reflections Quilt using Moda's Snowbird Collection.  This quilt was brought in using the Timeless Treasures Hawaii Cutie Pack and it came out great!  The two quilts look so different!
Thank you for joining me again this week and I look forward to sharing our adventures of next week with you!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter 2015 classes and Wimpy Kid Pajama Pants!

Welcome back to Blog Friday with the Quilt Basket!

Our classes from our Winter 2015 Newsletter have begun and we are having a fabulous time! Friday Frenzy with Elaine started today with the Riviera Bag using Downton Abbey.  Tomorrow we have our first Cutie Class of 2015 and the beginning of my paper piecing Forest Abstractions Block of the Month.  Please take a look at our newsletter and see if you are interested in any of our classes, we still have space available.  



Once again we are designing and creating new Cutie Collections and Patterns with the newest lines of fabric we receive.  This week we used the Dear Stella Sunday Morning collection and are really excited about how this came out.  The finished size of this beautiful quilt is 54” by 54”.  We are currently writing up the pattern and hope to have this available for purchase soon.

I did mention last week my cousin Susanna, an architecture major, is working with the very modern Architextures and Doe lines by Robert Kaufman.  Her brilliant mind is still working on perfecting the design for this graphic Cutie Pattern.  I will be sure to share it with you once it is completed. 

My mom, Cathy, used the Little Sleep Well pajama pattern by Favorite Little Things this week to make a really fun pair of pajamas for my cousin Dorrian.  He is an avid reader and enjoys the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  We purchased this line of fabric knowing how much Dorrian would enjoy it and other kids his age.  The pajama pants are the first of many ideas we have for this line as different gift ideas.  I’m thinking a lunch box may be the next project completed, I’ll be sure to keep you updated as new ideas come to mind.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week


Friday, January 9, 2015

American Girl Sleeping Bag!

Greetings from Pawling!

I hope everyone had another wonderful week!  We have been enjoying every moment we can with my new nephew, Jeffrey.  Everyone is adjusting well, including Jeffrey’s 16 month old sister, Sophie. I’m sure you can only image how much fun that house is right now!  Please be sure to check out our website for the celebratory sale we are having online and in-store.

This week we have been designing new Cutie Patterns, and we hope to finish them up to show you next week.  One of our newest patterns is inspired using the Robert Kaufman Architextures and Doe Collections.  These very modern graphic designs have my cousin Susanna, an architecture major, instilled with a plethora of ideas.

I know the holidays are over, but I have been busy making some gifts this week that I will put away for birthdays or Christmas next year.  I stumbled upon the Atkinson Designs Slumber Party Sleeping Bag Pattern and couldn’t resist making a few.  As a little girl I collected many of the American Girl Dolls, including all of their outfits and books.  I remember playing with them on a regular basis and enjoying reading about their history. I still have all of my dolls, books, outfits and accessories stored away incase someday I have a little girl.  These dolls are still a popular item among girls today.  About 10 years ago we went down to the American Girl Place in New York City to celebrate my cousin Susanna’s birthday and I brought my original Molly doll to have her hair spruced up.  All of the workers there came running over to see my “original” doll.  Apparently Molly’s hair color was changed as she was reissued by the company.  Knowing how much these dolls meant to me as a child, I thought this would be a perfect gift to make and store away for the little girls I know. 

The Slumber Party Pattern is available on our website and could be made out of any fabric you love for the little girls in your life.

For all of the Downton Abbey Fans, we just received the newest Riviera bag pattern designed for the Andover Downton Abbey II Collection.  Please come pay us a visit if you would like to see our sample in person.  My mom, Cathy, is a huge fan of the show and even planned her weekend travels to be home in time to see the beginning of the new season.

I hope you have a nice weekend, and I look forward to sharing our newest creations with you next week.
Thank you!!

4 D Oak Street
Pawling, NY 12564