Friday, January 9, 2015

American Girl Sleeping Bag!

Greetings from Pawling!

I hope everyone had another wonderful week!  We have been enjoying every moment we can with my new nephew, Jeffrey.  Everyone is adjusting well, including Jeffrey’s 16 month old sister, Sophie. I’m sure you can only image how much fun that house is right now!  Please be sure to check out our website for the celebratory sale we are having online and in-store.

This week we have been designing new Cutie Patterns, and we hope to finish them up to show you next week.  One of our newest patterns is inspired using the Robert Kaufman Architextures and Doe Collections.  These very modern graphic designs have my cousin Susanna, an architecture major, instilled with a plethora of ideas.

I know the holidays are over, but I have been busy making some gifts this week that I will put away for birthdays or Christmas next year.  I stumbled upon the Atkinson Designs Slumber Party Sleeping Bag Pattern and couldn’t resist making a few.  As a little girl I collected many of the American Girl Dolls, including all of their outfits and books.  I remember playing with them on a regular basis and enjoying reading about their history. I still have all of my dolls, books, outfits and accessories stored away incase someday I have a little girl.  These dolls are still a popular item among girls today.  About 10 years ago we went down to the American Girl Place in New York City to celebrate my cousin Susanna’s birthday and I brought my original Molly doll to have her hair spruced up.  All of the workers there came running over to see my “original” doll.  Apparently Molly’s hair color was changed as she was reissued by the company.  Knowing how much these dolls meant to me as a child, I thought this would be a perfect gift to make and store away for the little girls I know. 

The Slumber Party Pattern is available on our website and could be made out of any fabric you love for the little girls in your life.

For all of the Downton Abbey Fans, we just received the newest Riviera bag pattern designed for the Andover Downton Abbey II Collection.  Please come pay us a visit if you would like to see our sample in person.  My mom, Cathy, is a huge fan of the show and even planned her weekend travels to be home in time to see the beginning of the new season.

I hope you have a nice weekend, and I look forward to sharing our newest creations with you next week.
Thank you!!

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