Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Interview of Quill T. Basket

Quilt Basket:  So, Quill, where were you last week?

Quill T. Basket:  I was following Cathy around to make sure I was ready for work this weekend.

QB: Why did you have to work this weekend?

QTB: Cathy went to Nora's first birthday party... I was very upset I couldn't go, but I needed to watch over the shop while Cathy was away.

QB: So you took over all of Cathy's responsibilities this past weekend?

QTB: Yes, I did.  

QB: We have some pictures of you working at the shop... Do you have any comments on them?

 QTB: Well, it was pretty difficult to do everything since I don't actually have any hands... But I managed.

QB: Yes, that does seem inconvenient.

QTB: Anyway, while you're interviewing me, I wanted to make sure everyone knows something:  Even though I am yellow with pink flowers, I am a boy.  Cathy keeps calling me a she, but I am not.

QB: We have a picture of you in your Halloween costume... Isn't it a dress?

QTB: No, that is not a dress.  It is a pumpkin costume.  Common misconception.

QB: Well, thank you for your time, Mr. Quill.

The Dorrian Joke of the Week:

What did the hurricane say to the other hurricane?

I have my eye on you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Machine... Where was Quill?

Allan is working with the New 8900 Janome Machine.  Looks like fun!

  You might be looking for Quill T. Basket, our pincushion friend, in the pictures. So are we!  Quill isn't in any pictures this week.  Was he hiding?  In next week's blog we'll have an interview with Quill to see what he likes to do around the shop!

The Dorrian Joke of the Week:

What did the digital clock say to the grandfather clock?

Look, Grandpa, no hands!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quilter Gifts and Pictures with Quill

Above I am posing with a C&T Publishing Dancing Kaleidoscope Umbrella by Paula Nadelstern and a Timeless Treasures Circle Scarf.  Both items are available in our shop and on our website.  They make great gifts for quilters!

Quill T. Basket has been hanging out in the shop this week, and he even had his picture taken with ladies from a Quilt Guild in Connecticut!

 Below is our block of the month board.

The Dorrian Joke of the Week (Not Dorrian-approved):

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Quill who?

Quill T. Basket, of course!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quill T. Basket

In response to much interest in the mouse pincushion mentioned in our blog last week, we asked the mouse, whose name is Quill T. Basket, to join us at the Wiltwyck Quilters Guild quilt show we participated in this past week in Accord, NY.  He graciously accepted this chance for an outing, and has also agreed to write for our blog in future weeks.  Below are photos of Quill's favorite places from which to observe a quilt show!

The Dorrian Joke of the Week (Not Dorrian-approved):

Why did the mouse pincushion cross the street?

To get to the Quilt Basket!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Michael Miller and Pincushions

We got in new Michael Miller fabrics this week!  We have dots, flowers, stripes, and plaids.  Check out the Cosmos Collection by Laura Gunn and other new fabrics on our website!

Also in the first picture are two adorable pincushions!  The patterns for Sugar Pumpkin and Three Blind Mice are available.

Austin's Chuck Norris Joke of the Week:

Chuck Norris makes onions cry.