Friday, January 23, 2015

Ready Set Go!!

Welcome back and I hope you all had a fabulous week!! I had another fun work week here with my mom my aunt and my son.  There really is never a dull moment around here but we like to choose to laugh at all of the strange things that seem to happen! I have even caught some of our customers laughing at us for the silly things that occur.  For example every Friday afternoon after lunch I put Carter down for a nap and then sit at my desk to write this very blog. Just as my fingers are typing and my mind starts racing, the sun comes through the window and I have to wait 5 minutes and “soak up my vitamin D” until the sun passes and I can see my computer screen again! I like to use this time to reminisce about the fun we had that day, which I believe my Aunt Anne finds annoying as she is sitting next to me and maybe actually getting some real work done as Carter isn't awake to distract her.

 This week we spent a lot of time rolling cuties and they seem to be everywhere!!  Focusing on getting ready for the Pinwheels and Friends Quilt Show in Mount Kisco and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. We hope to see you there!!  Oh and if you think the following photo looks a little green, you don't have to adjust your screen, Carter managed to choose the green filter on my phone.

We are also hoping that the weather holds out for us tomorrow so we can participate in local quilt shop day.  We will have a gift for anyone who comes to see us!

A few weeks ago I had mentioned we received the new RobertKaufman Ready Set Go 2 and Remix Collections.  Carter loves cars trucks, tractors and anything that moves and has big tires, so we got this line in as inspiration from a 19 month old.  Deciding what to do with it was the question…. It may not look like much yet but yes I have an idea and hope to be able to get it together to share with you next week.

 Last Saturday we had our first Cutie Class of 2015!! It was tremendous fun with more that just the newest cutie pattern introduced.  We have had quite a few in production over the last few weeks and my mom, Cathy, was able to show off a few of them.  Everyone who attended seemed to enjoy the class and is looking forward to the next class on 2/7.

I had my very first class ever last weekend and it seemed to go very well.  My students came to work on the Forest Abstractions Block of the Month by Violet Craft and had a side of entertainment! My brother Corey brought my niece Sophie in as a surprise.  I think she enjoyed getting so much attention for a little while now that she has a baby brother at home.

Finally one of our customers came in last week to show off her first Cutie Pattern Quilt.  I had originally made the ZigZag Reflections Quilt using Moda's Snowbird Collection.  This quilt was brought in using the Timeless Treasures Hawaii Cutie Pack and it came out great!  The two quilts look so different!
Thank you for joining me again this week and I look forward to sharing our adventures of next week with you!


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  1. Glass blocks all UVB, so you can’t make vitamin D if you’re in sunlight, but behind glass.

    Love the blog; love the quilts!