Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lanterns and Backpacks

This was our April Strip Club Quilt.  It was made using a Tonga Treat (Click link here) and the pattern is Prairie Grass Pattern #103 "Little Lanterns" (Click link here)  The quilt is made by sewing 2 1/2" strips on diagonals.

We often wonder what to do with stitch-offs from practicing on our quilting machine.  The fabric and batting usually just get thrown away.  This week; however, we found a use for it.  My nephew was going hiking, so we wrapped part of his backpack in the soft stitch-off to make it more comfortable.  There's just fabric everywhere in our family!

The Dorrian Joke of the Week:

Why did the math book have a headache?
Because it had too many problems!

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