Friday, December 16, 2011

Start off the New Year Right

For fun we decided to see what our Numerology for our birth dates were. See we're not just your average Quilt Store, we are very deep and intellectual ;). It was a lot of fun and this site gives a huge amount of info, including how old you are down to the second.

We discovered that 2012 is a '5' year. Which means change and surprise! Never one to miss an opportunity, Cathy has created a $5 Block of the Month that begins in January. It will run for 9 months. Obviously the $5 cost is a nod toward the '5' year; the change and surprise is if you bring your completed block the following month then that month is FREE (you get to keep your change - SURPRISE!)

This BOM is designed as an educational quilt for those who wish to come to a demonstration once a month for 9 months while making a gorgeous 90 x 90 quilt. Each month a block and technique will be introduced. For $5 you receive the instruction and fabric. Sew the block at home, bring it back the next month completed, stay for the demonstration and that month is FREE!

At the end of the 9 months you can buy a setting packet and a border packet to create the 90 x 90 quilt. You can come to all 9, just 1 or anything in between. If you miss a month you can start again with the next month. You will have 2 color options, traditional or batik. 

Below are some of the blocks you'll be doing. They are done in the 'traditional' fabric.
Our hi-tech color chart for traditional
First Block
Log Cabin Block

First 4 classes - 1/14; 2/11; 3/10; 4/14 from 10-11. You can register online or call us at 845.227.7606

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