Friday, July 10, 2015

Best Press, Precut Sale, and New Cutie Patterns

I am holding a baby (toddler) while writing this blog.  Since Carter has officially given up nap time at the Quilt Basket, not only have we been missing swim lessons in the evenings, but we also need to have extra snuggle time at work.

Carter and I officially began story time yesterday morning at the Beekman Library.  This means we come in to work in the early afternoon on Thursdays, and yesterday I think this worked out well.  We walked in to the shop to a disaster of different bottles and liquids on the carpet.  Apparently, when everyone else came in yesterday morning they found one of our shelves containing Retayne, Synthrapol, and Best Press on the floor.  I'm glad we were not around for Carter to play in the mess!  This leads me to my tip of the week:

We love Best Press.  It's the only spray starch we use in the shop to iron our fabric.  It protects fabric from stains and wrinkles.  While other spray starches make the fabric stiff, Best Press does not.  It comes in several lovely scents to make ironing more enjoyable!

I just found my new favorite luggage tag!  I think it is so funny, and I will be putting it on Carter's diaper bag.
Our Quilt Blast Friday this weekend is a 20% discount off precuts. 
Enter coupon code PRECUTS to obtain the discount.  The offer is available from today until 7/14/15.

 Here are a couple of our latest Cutie Patterns.  We just got the quilts back from our machine quilter, and they came out beautifully!  The patterns will be available on our website soon.  Be sure to check out all of our Cutie Patterns!

 Santa Clara Pattern using Free Spirit Sketchbook
Dresden Daisy using Andover Downton Abbey II

I am currently working on putting the preorder fabrics from market up on our website, including Atrium by Joel Dewberry and the new 108" backing fabric by Tula Pink.

Also keep your eye out for the brand new Color Me fabrics from Michael Miller.  I will be putting them on our website soon.  These fabrics are like a coloring book!  After your child colors in the fabrics with permanent markers, they can be made into pillowcases, placemats, sundresses... Anything you can think of!  I cannot wait for Carter to color in the spaceships!

Have a great week!

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