Friday, April 17, 2015

Projects and sales!

Happy Happy Friday!!  I hope everyone had a fabulous week!

Carter came down with a cold over the weekend which meant Monday and Tuesday we stayed in.  Long naps meant I was able to work on some of my unfinished projects!  I started with my Forest Abstractions Quilt and it came out great.  I was so excited that yesterday I spent the majority of my day machine quilting it.  The disappointment came around 5:30 last night when I realized it wasn't coming out exactly as I had planned.  This afternoon I will be taking all of my quilting out so I can start over again tomorrow.  I was of course sad but I'm sure we have all had the moment when we realized we would rather do it right then be disappointed in the final project, especially after putting so much time into the quilt itself.  This quilt is a block of the month I have been teaching and plan on having this again for our next session.  Be sure to check out our newsletter the end of April to see the classes we have scheduled.

Forest Abstractions

On Tuesday afternoon Carter went down for another nice long nap and I worked on my stars for the Loco for Lemoyne Quilt.  Once again I was really excited at how nice these came out.  This will also be a class I will be teaching in the near future.  Here is a glance at when I have finished so far.  I will be sure to share the quilt with you once I have completed it.

I was apparently not the only one in my family catching up on projects this week.  When I came into work Wednesday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see my mom, Cathy, finished her Judy Niemeyer Fire Island Hosta Quilt.  This quilt is so beautiful!!  I cannot wait to see it once it is quilted!  This Pattern is available on our website

Carter must be feeling better today because he managed to climb up on bolts of fabrics so he could pick up the phone and try to call his Grandpa!

As many of you may have heard, we like to celebrate Fridays with a SALE!!!  This week's QBF sale is a 20% discount off precuts.  This includes Bali Pops, Tonga Treats and Jelly Rolls! Enter code PRECUT20 to obtain the discount.  Offer valid 4/16- 4/21/15

As a reminder we have a Cutie Class here tomorrow morning 10am-11am.  If you can please come join us for a $5 demo to learn all about a new Cutie Pattern.  Of course all of our Cutie Patterns and Packs are available on our website.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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