Friday, December 12, 2014

New Website Launched

Greetings from Pawling, NY!!!!

We all hope you enjoyed thanksgiving and are having fun getting ready for the holidays!

We are really excited to announce that our new website launched yesterday!!  This has been a work in progress for quite some time, we are glad it is finally up.  To celebrate this event we are offering 20% off your entire merchandise order. Please enter LAUNCHDEC in the Special Offer Code area of your cart now through Sunday, December 21st to obtain this discount.
For those of you who have followed the blog, you are familiar with the Cutie Collections we have started.  Please check out our new Cutie section on the site.  We have a cutie description, patterns, packs, and a glossary of terms up currently.  We are working on getting a Cutie gallery up; this will contain photos of the cuties we design, as well as the photos of our patterns completed in different cutie collections of fabric. Please share with us any quilts you make from our cuties so we can post them!

We, of course, have been busy once again working on our newest Cutie Patterns with the new lines we receive.  This week we created a pattern using the Andover Alison Glass Handcrafted fabric, called Follow My Lead.  We also created a new Cutie Pattern using the Andover Downton Abbey II Fabrics.  Both of these patterns are currently being finalized and written, once completed we will post them on our website under Cutie Patterns.  We do have the Downton Abbey Cutie Packs currently available, and are packaging up the Alison Glass packs shortly.

I would like to thank my friend Carole for watching my 18 month old son, Carter, last Friday!! Carole and Carter had a wonderful day at home reading and playing while I went to work and focused on the final website design.  Usually Carter comes to work with mommy, grandma and Great Aunt Anne, but every once in a while Carter likes to spend the day at home being spoiled and getting undivided attention.  Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad and they were able to play outside and walk throughout the property and woods.  Carter’s favorite activity is running around in our very large yard and sometimes even playing with our goats.
On the days that Carter does come to work with me, his special job is to put a little surprise in every order and then hand deliver the packages to the post office.  Of course, with having our shop in Pawling, this great little village is the perfect place to take walks during the day.  Carter goes on many walks as we run our errands to the bank, post office and other places, making this little guy very happy.  But, the days when Carter stays home, we are all questioned as to where our little helper is! I think Carter is better known in this village than any of us are!

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  1. I love the beautiful pictures on your newly designed website, they are very crisp and clear. Do you use Pinterest? The quilts would attract a great deal of attention on this social media platform because it is mainly used by women and we are always interested in making the finished product that we see on Pinterest.

    Jane Osborne @ Customer Finder Marketing