Friday, May 9, 2014

Chair Cover

Getting ready for Carter's party and creating new projects is very exciting, but using the new tool I discovered was so much fun this week! We recently came upon the Cameo Silhouette as a new tool in the shop.  This product allows you to cut out all different shapes, including creating your own designs, onto all types of products. I of course used fabric this week for a chair cover, but paper, cardstock, magnets and many other items can be cut using this tool as well. There is also ink that can be used to print in color and cut out shapes. It was so fun and easy, my imagination is running wild with all the items I can create with this new tool!
Focusing once again on the party and thinking of ways I can use the Silhouette, I made a Chair cover to mark the Birthday Boy's seat.  I chose a cupcake design with a Velcro number candle on top.  By using the Velcro, I can use this chair cover for years to come by simply switching out the candle!
I chose an orange bottom, the Berenstain Bears Yellow Dots as my icing and primary colors for my numbers and stars.  I backed them with fusible web prior to running them through the Cameo Silhouette to cut my shapes.

 I chose a white background, the Berenstain Bears Party Hats as the backing and layered fusible fleece in between.  These 3 layers were cut 17 1/2 by 30 1/2  inches

After cutting my shapes and preparing the base for my chair cover, I ironed the cupcake shape onto white background, then used my machine to sew around the edges and secure the design. If your background was not prepared prior to cutting the shapes, the Appliqué Pressing Sheet could be used temporarily to secure your design until you are ready to use it.  The  benefit of this mat is to allow you to lay out and view the design you are creating to see if any changes are needed prior to securing to your final product.

I cut strips  2 1/2 inches by width of fabric for the ties that were then folded and sewn and the Velcro was attached for the numbers

The ties were attached to the sides of the cover, the party hats backing with the fusible fleece and the white background fabrics were sewn with right sides together.  Remember to leave 6 inches open at the bottom to allow you to turn the product right side out.

The Berenstain Bears fabric and Applique sheet  can be purchased on our website or in store, and the Cameo Silhouette can be ordered on our website or in store.  Please click the links below to view them. I look forward to finding another fun project next week to share with everyone!
Thank you!


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  1. Hi Sarah...It's Alexandra Sullivan (We met at the lecture in Fishkill last week). Just stopped by to see your blog. Very cool project you made for Carter. I'm crafty, but that's pretty amazing. Hope to see you again soon.