Friday, April 25, 2014

Carter's Birthday Banner!

Carter's first Birthday is 1 month away!  My husband and I decided to use bright colors as the theme of Carter's Party. We have plates, cups, decorations and balloons in all different colors.  I want to make this celebration special since it is a milestone for Carter and so exciting for the rest of our family.  Trying to make this party have as many personal touches as possible, I've been collecting ideas for different items I can create.
The first item I attempted was a tiered fondant cake, though the first test run was not as colorful and fun as I had envisioned. Looks like we are going to be eating a lot of cake this month!  Since I need more practice in the baking and cake decorating department, I decided to work on another project this week instead.
Thinking of what decorations may be needed, I decided a Happy Birthday Banner would be perfect!  This quick and easy project will not only be used this year but for his future birthday parties as well.
I started by creating a template for the triangles and chose 7 different solid fun colors. This is a perfect idea for the American Brand Cotton Solids!!

I then used the iron-on Silhouettes and placed the letters on my triangles. 

I cut 2 inch strips from one of the fabrics and sewed them together until I thought it was long enough. Finally I sewed the strip (folded) to the triangles.

Carter's First Birthday Banner is complete and I couldn't be more excited! I cannot wait to come up with another idea for next week!
* The American Brand Cotton Solids and Silhouettes are available on our website. 

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