Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Step Connect and Block of the Month Week 3

This Saturday we had our Two Step Connect, a small Shop Hop between us and Pinwheels in Croton-On-Hudson NY.  We had a lot of fun with prizes, a lollipop wreath to determine discounts, and candy bars for everyone. 

Saturday was also our third monthly meeting of our $5 Block of the Month class.  Our next $5 Block of the Month meeting is Saturday April 14th.

We are starting something new on our blog, the Dorrian Joke of the Week.
This week's joke:
A man was driving down the street with two penguins when he was pulled over by a police officer.  The officer told him, "Take those penguins to the zoo!"
The next day, the same man was driving down the same street with the same two penguins in his car when he was pulled over by the same police officer.  The officer asked him why he hadn't taken the penguins to the zoo.  The man replied, "I took them to the zoo yesterday, today I'm taking them to the movies!"

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