Tuesday, June 7, 2011

They're Hitched!

Sarah and Craig had a glorious day! The reception at The Feast at Roundhill was exceptional, we highly, highly recommend them. The whole weekend went off without a glitch, which if you know our family, is very unusual.
Fabric wreath made by Cathy's friend Mary

quilts made by Cathy for the bridesmaids

Cathy also made the centerpieces! The woman is multi-talented.
Sarah's bouquet with both her grandmothers rings. Sarah also had a pin from her great grandmother. It was a full family affair
Cathy presenting Sarah and Craig with 'Sarah's Wedding Quilt' designed especially for Sarah by Cathy.

Ok there was one glitch but it was the end of the night so it really doesn't count. Cousin Lou getting funky on the dance floor, shared a bit too much of his wine.

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