Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road Trip!

Finally the sun has come out, just in time for our road trips.

Webster Dictionary online gives lots of information on Road Trip. It defines it as; 1: a trip taken by a sports team to play one or more away games  2: an extended trip in a motor vehicle

First Known Use of ROAD TRIP - 1953, Next Word in the Dictionary: road warrior, Previous Word in the Dictionary: road test

It all makes perfect sense to us; getting Allan to pack up the car with everything Cathy wants to fit in is great sport for the employees; 20 years after road trip was first used, Cathy and Allan got married starting a trip of a lifetime; and Allan considers himself quite the road warrior while Cathy considers every trip a test of her patience.

Up first is Northern Star Quilters Guild show World of Quilts XXXII. This weekend 4/30-5/1 in Somers, NY. One of our shorter trips. Cathy has submitted a quilt at this show. It is a quilt she started years ago and had promised Sarah she would give it to her for her wedding. Well Sarah is getting married this June, so Cathy made it just under the wire.
Next up is Quilt Market in Salt Lake Utah May13-15. We are actually flying to this one, but we might have to drive back with all the shopping Sue and Cathy plan on doing!

We hope you can get out and enjoy this great weather.

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