Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

We got football QUILTER'S style! We have joined up with The Quilting Football League and you don't have to know anything about football!

We have created a Quilt Basket team, our colors are purple and gold/yellow. We chose those colors because they are the colors of Fiona's family's county in Ireland - Wexford. Purple for royalty since the King of Leinster used to live in Wexford and the gold or yellow was due to a group of Wexford players playing a team in England and they wore yellow cloth around their waists to differentiate them from the other team, it is also how they got the name "Yellowbellies".

The fact that Fiona is the only one who knows how to sign into the league is completely coincidental.

The caption says with heart and hand
SEE? They love quilting too!
We would love you to become a player on our team. You pay $20 to become a player, then you receive original patterns, discounts, great recipes, games and activities. There are stores all over the US that participate and you receive discounts at all of them! The more you purchase the greater your discount. The team plays from 4/1-8/31 2011.

To get more information go to www.teamqfl.com or stop in to the store.

Go Team QB!

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