Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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As women and moms we are all about the multi-tasking. This comes in handy for the embroidery on this quilt.

I suggest working on more than one block at a time. It saves time changing thread and bobbins. I match the top thread and bobbin thread. You can do all of one color on 3 blocks before taking time to change threads.

You only need a scissors width between tracings.

One of my favorite notions has become the Rose of Sharon stencils. They are so easy to place on fusible web and trace. I tried tracing from the book and found it not as accurate.

There are many new light weight fusible webs available. We have been using Shades Softfuse and like it very much.

One last tip for the week. When stitching around the leaves,
stitches are angled EXCEPT at the tips, that is a straight line.

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  1. I am also fusing mine with soft fuse. My question is about the stems. If the designs are being fused do you also fuse the stems with a raw edge or turn the stems but nothing else? I'm questioning this because I want to do the Simonetta block.