Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rose of Sharon Tips By Cathy

Tip #1 - making a curved stem.
This quilt uses both straight and curved stems. When making a curved stem as Cathy is in this demonstration, cut the fabric on a 45 degree angle. When making a straight stem, cut the fabric on the straight.

ALWAYS work on the wrong side of the fabric.
Cut your fabric on a 45 degree angle.

Remove the triangle and working on the remaining fabric, put your ruler a 1/4 inch in. Score it with your Hera.

Now move the ruler in to a 1/2 inch and score again. Move the ruler to 3/4 inch and cut.

Your strip will have 2 score marks, fold the right side into the middle, iron and then fold the left side into the middle and iron.

You will have a 1/4 inch bias strip.

To keep the strip together, we used Roxanne Glue Baste It. Cathy put a few drops along the outer fold of the strip and using her fingers, pressed it closed.

You now have a perfect strip for a curved stem.

Next week - applique using a circle foot!

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  1. What weight thread did you use on the blanket stitch...and what size needle...hope to order the correct product.