Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Allan is in the Dog House!

Some of you may be shocked, some others not so much. The ladies here have compiled their top 5 reasons for their husbands ending up in the dog house - guess which one got Allan in trouble...

  1. He invites ten of his buddies over to watch the football game and expects you to provide all the snacks and do all the clean up
  2. He accidentally knocks into your mother’s antique vase while rough housing with your kids, giving only a halfhearted, “I’m sorry.”
  3. He makes fun of your cooking after you’ve worked hard at preparing it
  4. He walks all over the carpet with mud on his shoes
  5. He over orders Janome sewing machines resulting in a clearance sale
Well it was number 5.... this time. Cathy has too many machines and not enough space! She is offering special pricing on all in store Janome machines: 7700, 6600, 760, 5200, 100D, and AQS2009. Once they are gone - they're gone. You can stop in for pricing, Janome regulations prevent us from posting pricing or giving it over the phone.
Look at it this way, you can get a great holiday present at an amazing price and you can help Allan get out of trouble... this time.

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