Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

I bet lots of blogs are using that title today. We have been cooped up inside for days now. Luckily the ladies creative juices have been flowing and they made some fun projects.

Denise tends to bake when she is stuck inside and she made some great holiday aprons. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Party designs. You can get them on our site for only 13.50 a kit.

Sue is a gardener and goes outside regardless of the weather. She made this awesome raincoat using waterproof fabric. We are working on kitting the ponch and it will be online soon.

What have you been doing in the rain?


  1. Going to get some Longarm quilting done today!

  2. What a great raincoat!!! I have been so busy with work that my Janome MC6600 has been neglected for awhile. :(