Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cast of Characters

The sign over our door might say Quilt Basket, but it is our employees, customers, friends and family that make this a business. This is a short bio on each one of us:

First there is Cathy, owner and chief bottle washer. She got into quilting over 30 years ago and has never looked back. She is talented, tireless, and helping plan her daughters wedding. We just try and stay out of her way.

Then there is Allan, Cathy's husband and Handi Quilter guru. He is man who is not afraid to stitch.

Sue is very talented and Cathy's right hand woman. She is mostly focused on Home Decor, and quilts. You can see her grandkids influence in patterns she creates. She also is constantly rearranging the store, which is great for the customers, but has the rest of the staff tripping until we get used to it.

Sue's quilts have been published in Fabric Trends and The Quilter.

Denise is Cathy's other right hand woman, equally talented and has a fashion to die for. She favors Asian fabrics, darker colors and more complex patterns. She is a marathon runner and has just sent her oldest off to college.

Denise's quilts have also been published in Fabric Trends and The Quilter Magazine.

Elaine is our sewing machine maven. She embroideries like nobody's business.

Linda has a taste for the detailed, putting her talent to use on Lone Stars, clothing and quilts with such meticulous instructions we are in awe.

Anne does the books. She knows her numbers and she knows if she makes a mistake Cathy will tell their dad!

Debby is an incredibly gifted teacher, quilter, writer and friend. We have published two of her books and look forward to the next one. Debby runs our very popular retreats and is always coming up with new ideas and projects.


  1. Welcome to the Land of Blog - were friends are made and ideas flourish!

  2. This is the first blog I have ever been on so Hello

  3. Congratulations on the blog! I'm sure I can dig up some embarrassing, um, I mean appropriate, photos of Elaine if you need some : )